CTE Construction of Light Storage Integrated Off-grid Power Station in Lvmeng, Jiangxi Province
2023-09-04 10:18:24

In the context of the market to accelerate the low-carbon transition, the solar energy & storage integration project is going to become an important part of the new energy industry that cannot be ignored. This project can not only relieve the pressure of power grid peak load, but also improve the practical efficiency of energy.


On July 8, 2022, CTE's optical storage integrated off-grid power station began construction in Lvmeng, Jiangxi. After a series of processes such as measuring the position of the vertical pole and fixing the base, welding the cross bar of the top fixed component, and connecting the photovoltaic special cable, the optical storage integrated off-grid power station was successfully completed. With the completion of system commissioning on July 11, the power station can be officially put into operation.


At present, energy storage technology is considered to be the sixth  important link in modern power system after the former concept five links. In the future, CET will be able to reach agreement with more customers, and we hope to attract more customers' attention to our products by using the Optical Storage Integrated Off-grid Power Station built in Green Meng as a platform to gain more customers' approval to purchase our products.