CTE – An African Market Review
2023-09-04 10:06:26

Energy storage is the key to build a new energy system. At the same time, energy storage technology routes are diverse, the equipment industry chain is long, and the added value is high. Facing the rapid development of photovoltaic energy storage industry, CTE will continue to adhere to innovation as the first driving force, bring more products that are more in line with consumer needs, and help the energy storage industry develop faster and better. 


In early July, CTE Mu's team conducted a market tour of parts of Southern Africa. The above picture shows rooftop photovoltaic panels for local homes in Zimbabwe.


After learning more about our company's photovoltaic products, customers said they were very satisfied and praised the quality of the products. Our products have been adhering to the craftsmanship of manufacturing, in terms of quality and safety are to meet or even exceed the highest standards, absolutely worthy of trust.


The product was a hit during a study tour of Zimbabwe, where people who saw it said they wanted it. After a tour of parts of Africa, we found that South Africa has a low photovoltaic storage market in southern Africa. This will be the perfect time to promote our products. As one of Africa's most developed economies, South Africa has a high level of national consumption as well as a high demand for electricity. So any lack of electricity may cause an impact. Since 2020, South Africa has seen a surge in demand for light storage and the birth of domestic household storage. At present, the demand for high-end household use above the middle class has been declining, but the demand at the middle and lower end is increasing. We still have a big advantage in terms of the price of products, so the development potential of the lower middle class modules is full and the future is wide, and it is urgent for us to explore the relevant market further.