The bright future of CTE Residential optical storage system
2023-07-31 16:47:53

2022 is recognized by the industry as a big year for the energy storage business, of which the light storage business leads the tide. The core thrust of the full speed development of residential light storage comes from the fact that residential light storage can effectively improve the self-generating efficiency and lower the cost. In the current backgrounds of policy and the energy crisis that may come, residential light storage can be recognized by the market with a higher economic applicability, thus opening up new explosive growth.

What is residential optical storage?

The residential optical storage system uses solar power generation devices on the roof to supply the electricity generated during the day to residential electrical equipment and store the excess electricity in the optical storage system for use during peak hours.

The core of residential optical system is PV + battery + optical storage inverter . Residential optical storage system and residential PV together to form a residential optical system, optical storage system mainly includes battery system, optical storage inverter, module system and many other parts.

How to choose the right residential ESS storage product?

The power size of the optical storage inverter is usually determined by the power of the PV module. In self-generation mode, the battery capacity and inverter power are normally rationed at 2:1,which can not only ensure the operation of the load, but also store the excess energy in the battery for emergencies.

The uniqueness of Power Stream residential storage devices?

Single Power Stream unit with 10/20kWh capacity, small size and weight, high energy density, easy to transport, easy to install, easy to maintain, integrated installation, support up to 4 units in parallel, expandable battery capacity according to demand, maximum power up to 20kW/80kW, sufficient to meet the needs of households and small commercial premises for electricity consumption.

The Power Stream all-in-one light storage system is more aesthetically pleasing to life than a split light storage system. Easy to operate, easy to expand. Save installation time and labor cost. The whole series adopts a modern and simple style design, making it easier to integrate into the home environment and redefining the home clean energy aesthetics under the new era! The smart integrated compact design further simplifies installation and operation and maintenance, and the plug-and-play design makes beauty and practicality in one.

In addition, the Power Stream residential optical storage system supports multiple operating modes, including universal mode, micro-grid mode, storage mode, AC coupling, etc., enabling intelligent energy dispatch, balancing the customer's ratio of self and standby power, reducing electricity bills, and maximizing the value of home solar and batteries.